"One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" - 190394747336

Produced and published by Georgios Anamateros (© 2016)
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In his fantasy world Georgios Anamateros, alias Anamateur, is a determined terrorist living and acting in "Jazzopia", while Peace, his everlasting muse, is a talented painter who creates that doubt in his mind...

Anamateur's musical tale of "love, jazz, inspiration and... secrets", after the on-stage experimental presentations in "Sociedade de Instrução Guilherme Cossoul" (Lisbon, 2009), "Booze Cooperativa" (Athens, 2012) and "Beton7" (Athens, 2013), now comes in its most compact version.

The songs:

- Lessons for aspiring nobili vigilanti (© 2009)
- Credo d' une artiste avant-garde autodidacte (Credo of an autodidact avant-garde artist) (© 2012)
- One more victim on his list (or hers?) (© 2009)
- Breakthrough of a bourgeoise girl (© 2010)
- The secret of success of a Peace Conqueror (© 2012)
- Warning song for a lovesick friend: and his reply... (© 2009, 2012)
- The Chagrin of an untamed heart (© 2009)
- The Noble Vigilante Theme (© 2009)
- Redemption Blues for a lovesick warrior (© 2009)
- The Deus-ex-Machina Tap Theme (© 2009)
- So... My lover is a warrior! And he is wounded... (© 2009)

Synopsis (final script © 2016):

The "Noble Vigilante" is a determined terrorist living and acting in crisis striken "Jazzopia". Among the illustrious figures he "gently" exterminates are Minister of Finance M.Bezzler, Judge E.Legal and Journalist D.C.Mulator. When "Peace" (a beautiful painter whose main oppenent is Professor Nontalent) creates a painting glorifying the "Noble Vigilante", she doesn't realise that she'll be more efficient than the Police of "Jazzopia" itself in setting a trap for the notorious terrorist... You see, it's such an inviting painting...

With: Georgios Anamateros (piano, vocals, melodica / Noble Vigilante), Marta Hugon (vocals / "Peace" the Painter), Mário Franco (double bass, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Bruno Pedroso (drums, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Anthony John Wheeldon (guitar, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Eduardo Lála (trombone, vocals / Professor Nontalent), Marinela Mangueira (tap dancing / newspaper girl).
Recorded at "Timbuktu Estúdios", Lisbon, by André Fernandes and Nuno Costa.
Additional recordings and mixing at "Athensmusic Studioworks", Athens, by Vassilis Avrantinis.
Mastered at "Exceptional Mastering", Athens, by Antonis Tzortzis.
Graphical layout based on the original poster by Angela Cardoso.

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2009-2016).

To Pirulita with love - To be released

Between January and September of 2015 Anamateur, being enthusiastically Greek, wrote 12 love songs to "Pirulita", a (so-called) radical left wing politician. Pirulita was also a university professor in psychology, a kickboxer and a sexy tv celebrity. Anamateur considered her the only one who could save his soul. The love affair ended in September of 2015, when she posed stark naked and pregnant (but not with Anamateur's child), for a lifestyle magazine. Anamateur, betrayed, now finds consolation perfoming these same 12 songs alone or with the Pros.

Recordings under way.

Pros: Priamos Morakis (g), Georgios Thomopoulos (tp), Periklis Trivolis (cb) and Vassilis Panagiotopoulos (dr).
Presenting: Monique Kabaselé (voc).

The songs:
- There's no chagrin d' amour that can't be easily cured (just write one more tune) (© 2015, 2016)
- I'll remain a kissless virgin named Zorba (© 2015, 2016)
- Never trust a female politician (when it comes to promises of love) (© 2015, 2016)
- It will be great (though we'll be sixty years late) (© 2015)
- Ne me dis pas que tu m' aimes (it's Paris that charmed you, that's all!) (© 2015, 2016)
- On friendly terms (let me give you that kiss) (© 2015, 2016)
- "F...ing around (and not with you)" (© 2015, 2016)
- I will always be your new toy (at least I will try) (© 2015, 2017)
- Relieve this Sisyphus of his torment (© 2015, 2017)
- O pinheiro torto que bloqueava a entrada na praia (The crooked pine tree that blocked the entrance to the beach) (© 2017)
- "I'm in love with your dad!" (© 2015, 2017)
- For you and your baby (© 2015)

Concept and songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2015-2017)

12 συκοφαντημένα θύματα ἀναζητοῦν τίμιον δικηγόρον (12 calumniated victims in search of an honnest lawyer) - To be released

Anamateur becomes the lawyer of... the euphonic nu and Mavrogiallouros?! Yes and his first album in Greek will be addressed to in-depth-connaisseurs of Greek pathogenies...

Completed songs by Anamateur:
- Θέλω τὸ νὺ τὸ εὐφωνικόν (I want the euphonic nu) (© 2013)
- Μὴ μοῦ δυσφημῆτε τὸν Μαυρογιαλοῦρο (Do not calumniate my Mavrogiallouros) (© 2014)
- Δῶστε τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ Καποδιστρίου εἰς μεγάλον δρόμον! (Give at last Kapodistrias' name to a big street!) (© 2017)

Songs under preparation:
- Ἀς δικαιολογήσῃ πάλι ἡ Κλαυθμῶνος τὸ ὄνομά της! (Let Klauthmonos Square justify its name!)
- Διατὶ βάζετε σὲ ὅλους ἄριστα Κύριε στὴν ζωγραφική; (Why do you give everybody an excellent grade in Painting Sir?)
- Τρεῖς γενεαὶ Παπανδρέου (Three generations of Papandreou)
- Τὸ παράπονον μιᾶς πινακίδος ὁδοσημάνσεως (Complaint of a road sign)
- Διατὶ μπαμπὰ μὲ ὠνόμασες Ἑρνέστον; (Why dad did you call me Ernesto?)
- Προληπτικαὶ ὁδηγίαι διὰ τὴν (μὴ ὀρθόδοξον) κηδείαν τοῦ Anamateur (Preventive instructions for Anamateur's (non orthodox) funeral)

Concept and songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2013-2017)

A certainty blossomed in the heart of the enlightened tyrant - To be released

In his fantasy world Georgios Anamateros, alias Anamateur, is an aspiring, but hesitating, usurper of crisis striken "Jazzopia", while "Peace", his everlasting muse, is a controversial, but extremely popular, activist who creates that certainty in his heart...

The, sort of, "sequel" of the Noble Vigilante album...

The songs:
- Manifesto of an aspiring enlightened tyrant (© 2011)
- A peça nova de uma rebelde jovem, espirituosa e bonita (The new theatrical play of a young, witty and beautiful rebel) (© 2013)
- Complaint of the unconquered wild pussycat (© 2012, 2013, 2014)
- Conquer the one girl in mind (and then the whole world will be conquered too...) (© 2010, 2014)
- Dilemma of a fashion icon, suddenly invaded by Hope (© 2014)
- The Enlightened Tyrant Theme (© 2015)
- Celebrations before the final victory (© 2014, 2017)
- When in life you just want something badly (life plays a bad trick on you...) (© 2015, 2017)
- Lament for a postponed Conquest (© 2015, 2017)
- The Messenger Tap Theme (© 2015)
- One less victim on her list (or his?) (© 2017)

Synopsis (final script © 2017):

"Peace" is a beautiful and famous activist living and acting in "Jazzopia". Among the illustrious figures she claims that the people of "Jazzopia" should sadistically torture to their death are Prime Minister D.Ceiver, President of the Parliament Undemo Crat and Head of the Opposition B.Trayer. When the "Enlightened Tyrant" (the leader of a tiny non-Parliamentary party of extreme convictions), invites her to take the leadership of his party, he doesn't realise that he is the only politician to whom she might indeed say yes... Should the Government of "Jazzopia" be afraid that Democracy is in danger?

Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros (© 2009-2017)

Songs for mainstream (or almost) couples - To be released

This album is dedicated to Joanna A.P., the only girl in Anamateur's life who was both his lover and his muse (furthermore in that chronological order). She's not to be confused with Joana A.D., for whom Anamateur wrote "To Pirulita with love". Joanna is not a left wing celebrity, like Joana, but just a moderate supporter of Hillary (who hates equally Trump and Varoufakis). Joanna's dad was not a famous psychiatrist, like Joana's, but a famous painter. Thanks to Joanna Anamateur was taught a basic word of the life dictionary, that Joana could never teach him: "compromise".

Completed songs by Anamateur:
- Let me introduce us to the Universe (© 2016)
- It is infatuation (but it will last for a long, long time) (© 2016, 2017)
- (That's what I call:) the sweet surprises of life (© 2016, 2017)
- Be my Alma Reville (and I will be your Alfred Hitchcock) (© 2017)
- Don't throw away my toothbrush! (© 2017)
- Chaque fois que je suis en train de vous détester, ma belle, je lis un peu de Stendhal (Everytime I catch myself hating you, love, I read a little bit of Stendhal) (© 2017)
- They've trained me for someone like you (© 2017)
- The bitter surprises of life (come after a girl has at last responded to your love...) (© 2017)
- To botox or not to botox? (© 2017)
- "Damn you boy! Why can't you cheat on her?" (© 2017)
- "Let them wonder! But we know..." (You once told me) (© 2018)

Songs under preparation:
- The tiny plus
- 'Ouden monimoteron tou prosorinou' (here's a nice Greek proverb for you)
- The right Joanna is the one with the two n's
- The woman of your life is the one who makes you understand the value of (not too much) money (but some nevertheless)
- I would like my daughter to have your son for a half-brother

Concept and songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2016-2018)

A lovely dream disturbed the mind of the lovely wife - To be released

A hateful dream softened the heart of a hateful wife - To be released

These two albums will complete the tetralogy "Anamateur conquering his most desired Peace", part of which are "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" and "A certainty blossomed in the heart of the enlightened tyrant".

Concept by Georgios Anamateros (© 2009)

Anamateur unedited love affairs - To be released

A compilation album with Anamateur's singles:
- Esperanza (© 2014)
- Should I fertilize the ovum of a dearest friend? (© 2013)
- Σὲ ξέρω, σὲ ξέρω - κι αὐτὴν τὴν φορὰ νὰ μοῦ ξεφύγῃς ἄλλο δὲν θὰ σ' ἀφήσω πιά (I know you, I know you - and this time I won't let you to escape me!) (© 2016)
- Τὸ τανγκὸ τοῦ χαμένου δαχτυλιδιοῦ (Tango about a lost diamond ring) (© 2016)
- Лика Лика идёт в монастырь (из-за меня?) (Lika Lika going to the monastery (because of me?)) (© 2012)
- I love my Pirulita (but she doesn't love me!) (© 2002)

Songs that will be included in this album once they are completed:
- Vuoi essere la mia compagna di bridge? (ma non di bridge duplicato!) (Do you want to be my bridge partner?) (but not my duplicate bridge partner!)
- Wir wollen nichts plazieren den Infintiv am das Ende des Hauptsätzes, Herr Schäuble (We don't want to put the infinitive at the end of the main clause, Herr Schäuble)
- Will I be the Emperor Julian of Jazz?
- Miss J thinks I'm orange and white blue

Songs by Georgios Anamateros (© 2002-2016)