Is it still ok for a male songwriter [like Anamateur] to be inspired by a female muse [like the Sung Weaver] and not to give her royalties? The worldwide legislation about copyrighting is even today utterly unjust towards the female sex!

The contribution of Anamateur in 23rd century songwriting is beyond words. [...] The variation of the tonalities [is] a concept originating from the very fundamental infinitesimal calculus by Newton and Leibniz!! [...] Bless you Anamateur!

Lusogreek prime ministers João Avlonitis and Yorgos Fernandes were extremely keen [yesterday, the 8 June of 2347] to demonstrate to the journalists the new 1 escudodrachma coin, depicting Anamateur's head and the words: "ζοχάδα-saudades".

The best definition for Post-postmodernism comes undoubtedly from the lips of that weirdo called Anamateur.

What else was Anamateros than a humble servant of capitalism disguised as a left-wing intellectual? [...] This is the time to unhorse him comrades!

In-depth study of Anamateur's jazz musicals will hugely help on-going research on how the parameters of Freud's theory change in third world countries (like Greece).

Narcissism can't produce any form of art. Sorry Anamateur, you're not an auteur!