The "Anti-'Greece 2021' Project" is an eye-opening, political/social jazz musical characterized by Anamateur's special razor-like humour -- an oasis in present COVID-19 days' desert.

With his imagination, brio, expressions and diversity of his creative course in the scene of jazz, he has accomplished to form his own devoted audience.

Georgios Anamateros and his fellow musicians spread, with 'To Pirulita with love', a positive aura, lots of smiles and the sense of a creative craziness that comes from the heart!

His jazz prose induces, during the entire show, a smile on your face, a smile that occasionally turns into a hilarious laughter.

He knows better than most people the melancholy of the clown, the other face of the professional comedian, the drama hidden in comedy, the crying and the laughter.

Lyricist, composer and performer in the footsteps of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter [...].

... a person with fine humor and brilliance, who admires the old ingenious entertainers, from Louis Armstrong to Alekos Sakellarios.

[...] these "Redemption blues for a lovesick warrior", that he wrote in 2009, [...] let his sensitivity shine through.

The title alone is sufficient for someone to realize that it's the most 'cult' spectacle presented in Athens right now: "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante".

Anamateur reminds us of a 1990s stand-up comedian, an illuminated preacher and at the same time one of the protagonists of Lars Von Trier's "The Idiots".