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9 November 2020, 20h30

"A tribute to Fats Waller" @ "Beton7 Art Radio"

29 December 2020, 20h30

"A certainty blossomed in the heart of the Enlightened Tyrant(-ess)" @ "Beton7 Art Radio"

25 March 2021

Ἀνθ-"Ἑλλάδα 2021"@ "Booze Cooperativa"

26 February 2022

Αὐτὸ ποὺ οὔτε ἡ Pirulita οὔτε ἡ Joanna A.P. εἶπε στὸν Ἀναματερό @ "Booze Cooperativa"

* Providing that the corona-virus situation permits it...

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